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What is Speed Networking?

Well, it’s not speed dating! But it is a more effective way to network. You meet someone new every 6 minutes. Because there’s a time limit, you can cut to the chase. You have permission to get straight to the point! We let everyone know when to change. This takes the stress out of finding the courage to introducing yourself or coming up with a way to finish the conversation.

So Why Should I Do Speed Networking?

Have you ever been to a networking event got stuck talking to someone for ages and were too polite to exit?
Do you want to meet new people but don’t feel like going by yourself?
Do you get tired of talking to the same people all the time and wish you could expand your networks?
Have you ever had to sit through a long-winded speech at a networking event which didn’t even apply to you?
Do you want to have a fun experience meeting interesting, like-minded people on a weeknight?
Would you like to perfect your “pitch” and improve your communications skills?

How Does it Work?

This is the general agenda:

  • General networking for 20 minutes as people arrive
  • Introduction & Quick Overview of Free Speed Networking.
  • Speed Networking for 15 – 20 minutes (meet 5 new people)
  • Break & 5 minute Speed Networking Tip – Now that you have some experience, we give you a tip to practice to make it even better.
  • Speed Networking for 15 – 20 minutes (meet 5 more people)
  • Thank you & general networking.

This is what the Facilitator will take you through:

  • Find someone to Speed Network with – If you can’t find a partner, one of our volunteers will help you.
  • Start your 6-minute conversation
    You talk for 2 minutes – During this time the other person could ask you questions.
    The other person talks for 2 minutes – This ensures that each person gets time to speak.
    The next step – The last 2 minutes you both exchange details (optional) and plan the next action step.
    Eg. Email you tomorrow afternoon or meet for coffee on Thursday.
  • Facilitator signifies to move on – Say goodbye and hello to someone new!

 About Your Facilitator

Barbara Clifford (The Time Tamer) is a certified Evernote Consultant. She has spent over 20 years working in stressful and time precious industries such as film, hospitality and marketing. She has always had a passion for making sense of things. Having worked in creative and service based industries, Barbara is sought after like a beacon in a sea of chaos to simply get things organised! Barbara assists people to find clarity in their environment, control of their time and alleviate stress. Her simple systems bring total alignment from vision to action. Barbara is a master at facilitating group learning by drawing out personal knowledge in a way that the group feels enlightened and empowered. Barbara’s professional experience has been diverse and included contracts with small business, Entrepreneurs, Not For Profits, Aboriginal Organisations, Media, Marketing, Universities, Cruise Ships, Aged Care and Health Services to name a few. Barbara is a highly regarded industry expert and international speaker.

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