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New Supervisor Professional Development Training

New Supervisor

Charles Darwin University, in partnership with the Australian Institute of Management has appointed Barbara Clifford to deliver short courses designed and owned by the Australian Institute of Management..

Are you a first-time manager?

Do you want to increase your potential for promotion into a leadership role?

Do you want to gain the necessary skills to become a highly capable and successful team leader?

Leadership and Management

It’s difficult to lead a team, to support their strength of character if you don’t even know you’re own.  Your leadership ability is diminished when you don’t understand key principles of effective communication.  The more ineffective you are in leading a team, the more you will lose credibility and traction in your performance outcomes.  You are likely to see more conflict and reduced productivity. Once you are able to cultivate trust, you will develop rapport and respect amongst your peers, team and senior staff.  With the right tools and strategies, you can easily monitor performance while also responding to changing circumstances.

Without clear management and leadership strategies, you’ll find yourself feeling stressed or powerless to perform at your best.

The key to successful leadership is having a strong sense of your own strengths of character and being able to consistently improve your ability to communicate with others.

Are you confident that you are responding to your team in the most effective manner? Identifying and understanding different types of situations, will enable you to respond positively,  professionally and with confidence.  You will be able to manage situations that may have previously been difficult or troublesome and you’ll instantly improve your performance. Your will develop or enhance your methods of communication and personal connection, that not only empower you but also your team.  You’ll feel and increased level of productivity when you are able to cultivate positive and proactive working environments.  You’ll be able to clearly provide direction that motivates your team to quickly achieve desired outcomes.  You’ll learn how to effectively monitor performance while also responding to changing circumstances.

Tuesday, 10th September 2017
Thursday, 21st September 2017
8:30am - 4:30pm

You will gain personal insight into the ways in which you respond to different people, situations and events. With a strong focus on communication and behaviour, you will come away equipped with tools and techniques to effectively manage your responses.

You will learn how to: 

* Identify and respond to internal and external customer requirements

* Support the implementation of service strategies

* Evaluate and report on service levels

* Apply key communication skills in customer interactions

* Understand and apply customer service policies and procedures

* Handle customer complaints

Morning Tea & Afternoon Tea Light Refreshments Provided.

A complimentary lunch is also provided.


Join us in the training rooms of the

Charles Darwin University – Alice Springs Campus
Grevillea Drive
Alice Springs

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