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Project Management Fundamentals

Project Management Fundamentals

Charles Darwin University, in partnership with the Australian Institute of Management has appointed Barbara Clifford to deliver short courses designed and owned by the Australian Institute of Management..

All of us need to manage various sized projects at some level in our work and day to day life, but without a clear structure or systematic approach the resulting outcomes can be way off from what you intended.

Operational Plan

So often people are overwhelmed with the very thought of managing a project. The desired outcome may seem too big a mountain to climb; taking that first step and knowing exactly where to start can be the hardest hurdle to overcome.Yet with a clear method of breaking down the ideas, a project can easily be planned.  without a clear plan of direction, you may well fall short of expectations and have unrealised goals. The right approach to a well-considered overview can make all the difference to the success of a project.   Projects will fall short when:

  • managers choose to “jump in” and look productive,
  • the project team is unsure of project planning methods.
  • the organisation culture doesn’t support or value planning
  • timeframes are rushed, or considered
Planning target

 Successful Projects will include:

  • A clear project scope

  • A break down of work and structure

  • Clear timelines and schedules

  • Budget and budget milestones

  • Clear expectations of quality and standards

  • Risk Analysis

  • Communication Strategies.

This one day comprehensive professional development training will take away the fear and overwhelm of managing projects in the workplace.    Knowing what key elements consider before your start your project can make or break it.  Knowing how to monitor performance can keep a project on track and keep the project aligned to the outcomes.   Learning how to focus on the key ingredients for a successful project, participants will come away with a greater confidence and understanding of what is required to manage a project right through to successful completion.

Tuesday 22nd August & Thursday 24th August, 2017
8:30am - 4:30pm

Enhance your knowledge, tools and techniques to effectively manage projects.

You will be able to: 

  • Develop project management plans

  • Define project scope and boundaries

  • Implement project schedules

  • Manage budgets, quality, and risk

  • Manage stakeholders and communication plans

  • Finalise and report on projects

Morning Tea & Afternoon Tea Light Refreshments Provided.

A complimentary lunch is also provided.


Join us in the training rooms of the

Charles Darwin University – Alice Springs Campus
Grevillea Drive
Alice Springs

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