Stress Management for Women Working Remotely

Women Working Remote Webinar

Too often women feel like they have to be everything to everyone and constantly feel tired, drained, flat or overwhelmed.

Stressed Mother - Time managementAt one point in my life, I found myself living in a constant state of stress, a busy working mother, trying to do the job of 3 people, manage my families needs, budget the family income, provide quality time for my kids and create a business on the side. I was a heart attack waiting to happen! Fortunately, I discovered some secrets to escape the continual pressure, day in day out to maintain my sanity……and my health.

Barbara Clifford working remoteI immersed myself in the study of stress.

I learnt about the different types of stress, what causes stress, what are signs and symptoms of stress and what we can do to manage it. As a stress management coach, I have been given a window into the stressed lives of many people. Having lived and worked in remote communities, I am acutely aware of the vicarious trauma and the stress of living in the place you work. It is difficult to find sanctuary or an OFF button for the world of stress you may be surrounded by.

90% of adult Australians feel stress in at least one important area of their lives.40% feel very stressed about 1 part of their life.

Stress can have a serious impact on the world around us. Stress can lead to fatigue, illness, and burnout.

But constant stress can cause little things to spiral into dangerous habits like:

  • Lack of sleep
  • Anxiety depression
  • Loneliness
  • Angry outbursts, stress storms and mood swings
  • Overeating or undereating
  • Excess alcohol or tobacco use

To stress less and sleep without worry,  you need a practical, science-based way of managing everyday stress.

In this powerful webinar, you’re going to learn how to move out of the chaos and into the calm. You’ll learn:

How to identify your stress triggers.

How to physically control your stress hormones.

Some tools and strategies to immediately apply.

The Time Tamer can HELP!

Lock the door, turn off your phone, grab a pen and join me.

8th August 2017

1:00 pm (Darwin NT Time)

Barbara Clifford The Time Tamer

Secure your spot.

We may only have an hour, but I know you will come away feeling more empowered, equipped with new tools and strategies to better manage your stress.

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